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Christmas Buzz of a Different Kind

In which a foil-rich, embossed book does what all good storybooks do – it makes us cry.

It’s tough to craft a client gift with just the right blend of fun and sophistication. As a design or print studio you want to appear whimsical but not trivial; creative, but with a bedrock of integrity. Packaging firm MW Luxury managed to tick all of these boxes at the end of 2018 with “The Christmas Bee” Book. With great elegance it manages to entrance while offering a very personal solution to an impending crisis: the decline of bee populations around the world brought about by climate change, pesticides and loss of habitat.

This week, as part of our weekly "Paper Inspiration" video feature (hosted by PaperSpecs founder Sabine Lenz), we swoon over all the little details – sculptured embossing, gold foil, and smart use of color – that make this a piece that will be shared and reshared for years to come.

You can find many, many more Paper Inspiration videos here.


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