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Extreme Makeover: Chocolate Edition [PaperSpecs]

In which we still can't quite come to terms with the idea of chocolate containing olive oil.

The product of a venture between Michelin-starred Chef Thomas Keller (owner of The French Laundry among other restaurants) and Armando Manni (founder of the organic, extra-virgin olive oil company Manni), K+M chocolate bars were originally packaged in dark-colored boxes with the only printing being the K+M name and a description of their contents. Though tasteful, they failed to convey the premium nature of the treats inside, nor did they hint at the renowned personalities behind the brand.

This week, as part of our weekly "Paper Inspiration" video feature (hosted by PaperSpecs founder Sabine Lenz), we explore how Morla Design placed the creators' names front and center, and crafted a sharp, clean look that's instantly recognizable. It even propelled the confections onto Oprah's list of "favorite things." (I wrote the detailed entry that accompanies this video.)

You can find many, many more Paper Inspiration videos here.


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