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Mystery Solved: The Second 'Mary’

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

In which we finally discover the identity of the actress glimpsed in Newsweek.

[Originally posted March 6,2014]

Those of you who’ve read Soap: The Inside Story… will know that, aside from the question “What would’ve happened in Season 5,” one of the greatest enduring mysteries was the identity of the “Second Mary.”

There were three actresses cast in the role of Mary Campbell: First Salome Jens, then another, before the choice of Cathryn Damon was made. And ironically it was that second actress who was pictured in the infamous Newsweek article (see photo above) that “launched a thousand protests.”

That second actress was Sally Kemp. {personal site  { IMDB

Yesterday, Associate Producer Marsha Posner Williams compared notes with Ted Wass (Danny), who came up with the name.

It’s so nice to finally have that mystery solved. Now, about Season 5…


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