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Next up: My So-Called Life's 'Self-Esteem'

Started the deep, deep (deep) dive rewatch of "Self-Esteem" this morning and wasn't looking forward to it; for some reason I'd remembered this 2-episode run ("Self-Esteem" and "Pressure") to be low points of the series. Which is why I was so pleased to discover that I was completely mistaken, with this episode, anyway.

Not only do we see "Cloud 9 Angela" again (last glimpsed in "Why Jordan Can't Read" after Jordan's performance of "Red"), but also the introduction of two of my favorite guest-appearance characters: Mr. Katimski (Jeff Perry) and Hallie Lowenthal (Lisa Waltz). (I love both even more after discovering, years later, that each speaks just like their respective characters. ) And this being a Winnie script, the dialogue is spot on.

I know for many this episode is a favorite, particularly for the Buffalo Tom scene. Whether you love this one or not, I'd love to hear your thoughts on it!

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