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This Fox Was Made for Walkin' [PaperSpecs]

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

In which trudging down the same road every day gives birth to something magical.

As chief writer and editor for PaperSpecs, one of the privileges I enjoy is being bombarded by the creative works of brilliant designers from all over the world.

This week, as part of our weekly "Paper Inspiration" video feature (hosted by the enthusiastic captain of the Good Ship PaperSpecs herself, Sabine Lenz), we were treated to an intricate laser-cut calendar created by Israel's Sabai Sabai Design and The PPL studio. (I wrote the detailed entry that accompanies this video.)

For another fantastic animal-themed laser-cut extravaganza from Sabai Sabai Design, check out our video about their 2017 calendar, The Junglendar!

The scenery depicted in these cards – a collection of clouds, trees, land and sun, all rendered in precise laser cuts at the top of each card – actually changes every time you remove one month’s card and place it behind the rest to reveal the next. The impression is that of a constantly shifting land surrounding the figure of the laser-cut fox that graces the September card, resulting in the illusion of the fox actually moving forward every time the cards are shuffled.

The idea for the calendar was inspired by “the same road I see every day on my way to work,” explains Sabai Sabai Design’s Dganit Dahan. “The landscape is the same, but the colors, the texture, the clearness – it all changes as the year goes by.” 

You can find many, many more Paper Inspiration videos here.


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