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Finishing up Claire Danes Transcript

Just completing the transcript of my chat with Claire Danes, which I’ll send off to her for review later today (time willing), just to ensure everything in it is as accurate as possible. Hard to believe it’s been a little more than a month since we spoke!

I can still remember sitting on the living room floor with our cat, Max, and casually checking my email on a Sunday afternoon – something I rarely do – only to find her message about setting up a time to talk.

As fulfilling as writing these types of books can be, it’s a bit like trying to drive home on the freeway during rush hour: short bursts of movement punctuating much longer stretches of feeling as though you’re not really getting anywhere at all.

My thanks to Claire, Winnie Holzman and all those people who’ve provided those short bursts of elation over the last (gulp) 3 years.

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