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Why Do You Mock Me, Oh Google...

In which we contemplate a universe where "Wolves Lie Dreaming" is called "Chew Toys All."

Right up until Sept. 1st, everything was humming along smoothly. I was just finishing up proofs on my first novel (OK, novella), The Desert Waits, and all was right with the world. Careful fellow that I am, I'd Googled the title a couple years back and found nothing. 'Can't be too careful,' I told myself that morning, and gave it one last search. And found this...

A novel taking place in Arizona (!)....from 1996!

Needless to say the next few days found a grumpy ASB scribbling down alternate titles – seriously, 5 pages of them! (You can see a few in the notebook I was using above. A checkmark means the title wasn't taken, an "O" means it was.)

Initially the final title was going to be In the City, the Wolves Lie Dreaming, but it sounded even more up itself than even I was comfortable being, so Wolves Lie Dreaming it is.

You can read the utter desperation in some of these titles. Some of my favorites, now that the panic is over and the $#@% thing is out there, were:

  • Hollow Armada

  • Skin Trade

  • God of Dead Faces

  • Empty Vessels in a Dead Sea

  • Creekbed's Rise

  • Chew Toys All (I mean wtf?!)

If any of the titles above strike your fancy, drop me a line. I'm 21 chapters into the next novel (yes, a proper one this time), and I'm sure the title it has now will have been pinched by the time it's done, sooooo....


Wolves Lie Dreaming is definitely available via:

And might or might not be available in print via:



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