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I Love this Book and all but $25...I Don't Think So

In which the author rolls up his sleeves and wags a finger at Amazon...

About two weeks into the great Wolves Lie Dreaming adventure and I have to say, it's been an education. In that time we've seen the price range from $12.99 to nearly $25 on Amazon. Sooooo....we're going to take a few steps to have it priced more reasonably:

  • Kindle ebook: We hope to roll this out soon

  • Barnes & Noble: We're going to promote this as the best option for now, as they've kept the price steady at $12.99 (knock on wood)

  • We'll sell copies direct: This should happen in the next month; stay tuned

Bottom line, I'd really like to have people read the thing. But just because I opened a vein writing it doesn't mean I want anyone having to do so to read it.

So thank you for bearing with us as we figure out this whole publishing thing. Thanks, too, to our previous publishers, for making it all look so easy. – ASB

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