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MSCL 'Other People's Mothers' Chapter Completed

More than 7,000 words later I've finally finished tackling this bear of an episode – so many intriguing little details packed within a scant 42 minutes. (Fingers crossed, I hope to speak with its director, Claudia Weill, soon, which will expand it even further.)

Regrettably, one person I've never had the opportunity to speak with is cinematographer Ernest Holzman, who departed the series with this episode. Still, I feel an even greater respect for him now as I compile what others have said about his work behind the scenes in a special sidebar for that chapter.

The unique look he was able to achieve for that show remains unsurpassed, in my opinion. You could print any frame from MSCL, put it on the wall, and it would stand on its own as a painting. Brilliant fellow.

Here's the only interview I've been able to find with him on camera:

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