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What the Desert Churns Up...

"It's like it just sort of dropped outta the sky or something," she says.
Suddenly, Ol' Francis suffers an attack of the guffaws.
"Whatdoyameanwhat? An angry fence wrapped around a crumblin' old house? Have you ever in yer life seen a better metaphor for this society–especially now?!"

What surprises me now about Wolves Lie Dreaming isn't the fanciful bits so much as just how much of this little novel is based on what my wife and I experienced personally over the 12 years we spent in Phoenix.

The ruins Francis and Sue come upon in the desert, for instance, wasn't on any map that I know of, but we found it just the same during one of our morning hikes, as you can see. (Only years later did Ol' Francis point out to me the obvious metaphor above.)


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