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Claire Danes' 'Finding Your Roots' Discovery

Buried in this interesting look at Claire Danes' history was a detail that rang a bell:

"[Claire's] ninth great-grandmother, Margaret Scott, then an elderly widow, was accused of witchcraft when a man expressed his belief that she had killed his cows as some kind of retaliation for not giving her firewood. Danes says she traces a straight line from the hysteria and mob mentality that fueled the witch hunt to today’s current events.
“'I wish it felt more alien, I have to say,” she tells Gates. “Sure, this is all very colorful, but I think that we’re still vulnerable to this magical thinking.'”
After 11 people testified against Scott, she was found guilty and hanged.

Though a tragic story, it reminded me of something she'd told me a couple years back:

"[Winnie's] also a little witchy in the best sense; I’m actually a little witchy, too, which nobody really knows. But we do have that interest in common. We often have psychic experiences. Like when we’re on the phone we know what the other person is going to say, or I’ll call her and she’ll say “Oh I was just thinking of you.” It’s very cool."

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