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Finally: "Life of Brian"

After rewatching – and writing about – 10 episodes, I've finally reached "Life of Brian." Which means I can finally talk about one of my favorite highlights of MSCL: the beautiful, and heartbreaking, relationship ballet that takes place between Delia, Brian and Rickie.

Jason Katims' powerful script, Todd Holland's almost documentary-style direction, and powerful performances by every member of the cast, capture the confusion, innocence and manipulation that so often accompany teen relationships.

I'd forgotten that we meet Delia, watch her fall in love, and then witness her callous dismissal by Brian, all in one episode. Senta Moses doesn't get a huge amount of dialogue here, but what she's given she uses to make a lasting impression that will stick with you for that will come full circle in the final episode with just a few words to Rickie.

And then there's that final dance...... 🥰

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