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Interview: Devon Gummersall – Life as Brian, and After

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

In which we’re present at the creation of a televisual triple threat.

Devon Gummersall in that heartbreaking final scene of the series.
Devon Gummersall in that heartbreaking final scene of the series.

There’s an affection with which Devon Gummersall speaks of his My So-Called Life character, Brian Krakow, that I’ve yet to encounter with any other actor on this show. You can get a little taste of it in the commentary he recorded for “Life of Brian” in the most recent DVD release of My So-Called Life from Shout Factory.

That affection is probably similar to what we all feel for the character: he reminds many of us of how we felt when we were 15 and trying to figure out why the world zigged every time we zagged.

“From the very beginning I had such a sense of who this character was,” he says. “I felt so comfortable with it. In real life I thought I was much cooler than this character. In hindsight, maybe I wasn’t. Part of my personality related to him – it felt very natural.”

In love with film and television from an early age, the Devon avoided hanging out in a trailer between scenes on MSCL in favor of learning how television was made on set and off. He took every opportunity to spend time with Winnie Holzman and Jason Katims when they were writing episodes, watched in fascination as director Scott Winant cut episodes together and explained why he made certain directorial and editing decisions, and what he would’ve done differently. These moments planted the seeds for Devon’s future career as a director and writer today.

“I fell in love with directing because of them and My So-Called Life,” he says. “I’ve come full circle.”

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