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Why Do You Love the "Halloween" Episode?

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

(Note: For those who'd prefer not to go to Facebook, I'm posting content from the book's Facebook page here. However, since this is an experiment there might be some unintended consequences [e.g., multiple post alerts]. Please feel free to drop me a line at if this becomes a pain and I'll figure out another way to do it.)

Preparing to start rewatching "Halloween" (Ep. 9) tomorrow...and I'm a bit apprehensive. This is one of the few episodes I've never quite been able to get into – it's never really felt MSCL to me, somehow.

I think part of that is down to this being one of those "placeholder" scripts – one that could be dropped into the series at any time because there's no real continuity involved. I also believe that it came after the production had gone on some kind of hiatus as they waited for ABC to order more episodes. Finally, this was the first episode not to use Ernest Holzman as DP, so the look changed somewhat. And even its director, Mark Piznarski, admits that holiday-themed episodes are always a challenge; they just never seem to "fit" a series.

All that said, I know this one has a number of fans. So as with "Why Jordan Can't Read," please help me understand what you enjoy best about "Halloween." You all are always very good at teasing out nuances that I, quite frankly, miss. (Thank you for that )

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