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The Writing in My So-Called Life's 11th Episode: 'Life of Brian'

FINALLY started going through "Life of Brian" for the book today, and all I can think is this feels like it's "Life of Jason Katims" – and that's a good thing.

Katims, described to me as "what would happen if MSCL Exec. Producers Marshall Herskovitz and Edward Zwick had a baby," writes from the heart here, describing what it's like to be the nerdy guy enduring the stormy seas of puberty.

Only 7 minutes in he pulls off a triple whammy of a scene between Graham and Brian as they're wallpapering the bedroom. When Brian asks him if he's retired, Graham sets him straight:

"I’m sort of planning what to do next. I don't want to jump into anything blindly. I mean, it’s, um, like wallpaper. I mean there are hundreds of patterns out there, and it's kind of daunting because you're going to have to live with your decision for a long time."

In view of where Brian steers the wallpaper conversation – he really wants to know whether to ask out Delia Fisher, who likes him, or hold out for Angela, who doesn't – we can read Graham's response above 3 different ways.

Ostensibly Graham’s talking about wallpaper. But we also infer that he’s talking about choosing a career path. But in a third way he’s ALSO talking about whether or not to stay with Patty – something we've been watching him struggle with for 10 episodes. And in this last way he is very much like Brian trying to decide between Delia and Angela.

Did I mention how good the writing on this show is?

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